Wednesday, 13 May 2015

So Your Style is Shabby Chic?

So your style is shabby chic? This vintage, bohemian style is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly, as old, pre-loved and nostalgic pieces are recycled and up cycled. 
View my Yellow Front Door article here on the key design features of shabby chic style, and how to create this timeless look in your own home. 

Shabby chic emerged as a popular style trend in the 1980s, when British bohemians and artists began to upcycle old furniture into works of art, added charm with fabrics, and repurposed treasures for display. They were, in effect, making use of both their creativity and their limited funds to develop a look all their own. The trend soon spread to the US and beyond, and it is now seen as a timeless style aligned with our growing focus on eco-sustainability in building and design. Shabby chic embraces old, worn and nostalgic pieces – a perfect fit for the current trend of recycling, upcycling and repurposing. The style is also comfortable, relaxed, warm and charming, and adaptable to most homes. The term shabby chic is often used in reference to variants French country, cottage chic, Gustavian, and beach cottage chic and is as popular with those making the most of roadside finds as it is with those who simply choose the style for its warmth and character. Discover the key elements of shabby chic, and how you can display preloved items in a classic and elegant way in your home.

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