Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New Wall Art by Nynne Rosenvinge at Yellow Front Door

We couldn’t resist getting in several artworks by the very talented Danish artist Nynne Rosenvinge. Her pieces have a beautiful, simple yet ethereal quality, and are extremely well priced.
She incorporates simple elements such kites, lanterns and water droplets into her work, and the moon and mountains are often represented. She mixes strong blacks with neutrals and pastel colours in her work, creating a fine balance and synergy.
Nynne Rosenvinge  nynne-art-on-wall.jpg
Below: Images of Nynne’s beautiful home in Copenhagen
Nynne Rosenvinge's home
 The neutral wall and floor work beautifully with the pops of colour in the rug and Nynne’s own painting. 
Buy Nynne’s wall art online at:
Below: Black Planet and Chinese Lamps prints available for $49 including delivery.
Black Planet print
Chinese lamps print

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