Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Black and White Wall Art

Creating a feature wall in your home with only black and white wall art can look really striking – especially when combined with a simple, minimal Scandinavian interiors. Look to muted monochromatic colours, Mid-century pieces, wood, pale or dark floors and a backdrop of white walls.
Yellow Front Door sells a number of black and white prints, like the pieces below from artist Kristina Dam. The focal point hero and "hero" piece is the Black Wall Structure, a simple piece made from a combination of glossy and matt 2mm thick cardboard (RRP $109)
Dam on wall
When arranging wall art, a good idea is to lay them out on the floor first so you can move them around and have a play with the layout to see what looks good. Alternatively, cut out newspaper in the correct shapes and sizes and use blue-tack to play around with them on the wall. 
Below: More artworks by Kristina Dam
Dam black and white on wall
Consider spacing between the artworks - they look best when spaced a similar distance apart. The art can be arranged in a number of different ways – in a cross shape, circular, v-shape or square. The number of artworks can vary also – two, three, four, or more.
black and white on wall 4 Black and white on wall 2
black and white on wall by bed black and white on wall6
Another way to display black and white artworks is propped up on a table, sideboard or shelf, along with other display items, to create an interesting vignette.
Simple house on sideboard black and white on wall 3black and white on sideboard2 black and white on sideboard3
Art doesn't have to be a painting, photograph or print. Check out this striking piece on display at  MOMA
moma sculpture
Shop for black and white wall art online at and get creative!

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