Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Front Courtyard Reno!

It's long overdue but we are finally renovating our front courtyard! Out with the buckled 1970s bricks  in the courtyard, and out with the 1990s terracotta tiles on the verandah.

We're also removing the climbers and garden bed that are the bane of my existence - nothing thrives there due to the south aspect. We'll put back a very narrow garden bed to break up the line between the stone pavers and the white fence, and we'll put in something hardy, easy to grow and quite uniform.

Materials: After much deliberation we have chosen charcoal-coloured granite pavers for the courtyard in 600x400mm. The dark colour will be extremely practical and hide any dirt, marks or stains, and the larger size is very pleasing aesthetically. For the covered verandah we have chosen encaustic cement tiles in 200x200 mm - the pattern is Fleur Di Lis in black.

We got both from Teranova in Bronte, who were very helpful and well priced.

See below for "before" photos and I'll post "after" photos when it's finished!

Sneak peek: the wall has coming tumbling down and has really opened up the space and made a MASSIVE difference

I'll need to choose some of my own Yellow Front Door outdoor cushions for the outdoor furniture when we're finished!

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